What is Kleenkast?


A Personal Letter from the Inventor of Kleenkast…

Dear Friend,

How could a man of my age break his arm! Well, the fact is that I did. I won’t bore you with the details here, but let me tell you, after it was set in a cast, it was the devils’ own to try to take a bath or shower. If you’ve ever had a broken arm or wrist in your life, you know exactly what I mean.

My orthopedist gave me strict orders not to let my cast get wet. The cast could soften, rendering it useless. But how was I going to do that? I spent hours fiddling with plastic bags that leaked. I taped bags together to get them to fit over my cast. I put forth an unreasonable amount of time and energy trying to formulate something to keep my cast dry!

What was I supposed to do, keep my arm outside the shower door?
Painful if not impossible.

So I checked on the internet for any type of wound-care items that were already on the market. None were suitable for my cast. I asked my doctors for the names of some easy-to-use cast covers. They could not direct me to anything they would recommend. I even went to the local pharmacies that had a host of reputable home-care products to do some consumer research about reliable ways to cover casts or arm wounds when bathing. And do you know that after all that research, I found nothing at all suitable for my needs.

I hope you found my Kleen Kast before you had to do all this research, too.

It was a huge problem for me, and a source of real frustration. I want to save you from that frustration and time-consuming and time-wasting exercise. Living with a broken arm (or for that matter, a bandaged wound or surgical site!) is hard enough. Bathing should not be rendered impossible.

So I developed a product that’s waterproof, lightweight, disposable, affordable and even recyclable.
Let me tell you about my new invention, Kleen Kast.

It’s so simple and so easy to use, I am surprised that it hasn’t been developed before. Kleen Kast is a Watertight, Protective Sleeve for Casts & Bandages. Kleen Kast is very down to earth and straightforward. It’s not fancy, but it certainly is effective.

There are no straps to confuse or frustrate you. No adhesive strips to tangle or pull on skin or body hair. And there are no tricky instructions – no need to ‘submerge in water to create a seal’ or anything like that. At last I can carefully slip on this specially-designed plastic cover over my cast and hop into the shower or bath! Voila. There is an easy and effective means of keeping my arm cast dry in the shower. Phew, what a relief.

Now, I want you to experience this freedom as well,
so I’ve priced it at the super-low price of $19.95 for a box of six.

By the way, upon hearing of my invention, my orthopedist and all five of the other doctors in his practice urged me to let them order Kleen Kast right away. They can’t wait to recommend this product to all their patients and colleagues! They are very excited about this new item and I know you will be, too.

So instead of trying to tape five plastic bags over your arm, order Kleen Kast today to discover for yourself the ease and comfort of this wonderful new product.

Order today! At only $19.95 for a box of six, it’s worth every penny!

And don’t get soaked using anything else.


Arm Cast Protector (6 pack)
Arm Cast Protector (6 pack)
KLEENKAST™ is a line of specifically designed protective covers to be worn over arm or leg casts. It provides consumers who suffer broken or fractured bones with an easy an effective means of keeping their cast dry while showering or bathing.
(Six protectors in a package)

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